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Autauga Co: DA finds no multiple voting occurred

The Montgomery Advertiser reports: District At­torney Randall Houston has for­warded his report about poten­tial voting irregularities during Autauga County's June 1 prima­ry elections to the secretary of state's office.

The issue came to light when a voter's name appeared on the list of those having cast absen­tee ballots when the person did not vote absentee. The Autauga County board of registrars made a complaint to the district attor­ney's office, alleging that voter had cast three votes in the pri­mary, Houston said.

"My office has determined that there was no indication of voter fraud in Autauga County, and there was only one vote cast by the person who was alleged to have voted several times," Houston wrote in a letter accom­panying the report. "However, it appears there was an error with the computer system which monitors absentee voting. There are three possible scenar­ios as to what might have oc­curred in the Autauga County primary and they include: un­lawful human intervention, simple human error, or a mal­function in the computer soft­ware."

Houston wrote that the secre­tary of state's office is best equipped to determine if any problems with the computer system exist. -- Read the whole story --> Autauga County report on voting irregularities sent to secretary of state's office | montgomeryadvertiser.com | Montgomery Advertiser

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