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Alabama: "I see dead people" on the voting rolls

TPMmuckraker reports: J. Christian Adams, the former DOJ lawyer at the heart of the New Black Panthers case, has sent letter to 16 states warning them that they are breaking voter law by not removing dead and ineligible voters from their rolls.

"I'm just interested in compliance with Section 8," Adams told TPMmuckraker yesterday, referring to the provision in the National Voter Registration Act -- known as the "motor voter law" -- which requires states to make a reasonable effort to remove ineligible voters from its registration lists. ...

Adams took advantage of a provision in the NVRA which allows private citizens to notify state elections officials if they haven't purged their rolls within 90 days of the primary or general election. If the states don't fix the problem, a private citizen can sue.

Adams says he wouldn't be the one to sue, if it comes to that. Fellow lawyers in each of the states, who would qualify as aggrieved parties, could sue instead.

He chose the 16 states by looking through the latest Election Assistance Commission report on the Motor Voter Act and picking out states which reported zero people removed from their rolls, or larger numbers of registered voters than residents over 18 -- 19 states in all. ...

The states he sent letters to: South Dakota, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Maryland, Iowa, North Carolina, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Oregon, Tennessee, Alabama, Rhode Island and Virginia. Read the whole article --> Adams Threatens 16 States With Lawsuits Over Voter Rolls | TPMMuckraker

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