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Alabama: unreported funds moving from PAC to PAC

The Press Register reports: The single largest campaign contribution that state Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker got this year was a $100,000 check he accepted from a political action committee set up by his campaign spokesman.

But the original source of that money remains shrouded in a provision of state campaign finance law that critics contend is far too lax.

Records with the state Secretary of State's Office showed that Phillip Kinney, a Montgomery political consultant with deep ties to the Democratic Party, set up Premium PAC on May 21 with the stated purpose to "promote good government."

On May 25, that PAC made its $100,000 contribution to Patriot PAC. Two days later, Patriot PAC gave Parker, a Republican, $100,000, or 40 percent of all the money he raised before the June 1 GOP primary. -- Read the whole convoluted story --> Source of $100,000 contribution to Justice Tom Parker shrouded in secrecy | al.com

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