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Alabama: Jerome Gray's quiet civil-right career

The Montgomery Advertiser reports: Unlike his contemporaries who took to the streets to pro­test racial inequities, Jerome Gray opted to use his organiza­tional skills and quiet persever­ance to do the same thing.

In fact, the 72-year-old former field director for the Alabama Democratic Conference may have done more for racial equality at the ballot box than thousands of vocal protesters.

He did it by using the court system instead of the streets to work toward single member voting districts as well as black registrars and black poll work­ers.

Each of the legal challenges ended successfully, but few out­side of Alabama's small civil rights community are familiar with the name or, for that mat­ter, the fame of one of the most important architects of those campaigns. -- Read the whole story --> Voting rights activist now ready to finally finish book | montgomeryadvertiser.com | Montgomery Advertiser

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