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Alabama: Census numbers due next week

The Gadsden Times reports: The U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday said it will release Alabama?s 2010 population numbers next week, kicking off the legislative process to redraw federal and state election districts.

Redistricting is one of the most political of events for lawmakers.

With Republicans solidly in control of the House, Senate and governor?s office, the GOP has the opportunity to really shaft Democrats by shifting voters around to the party?s advantage.

House Minority Leader Craig Ford, D-Gadsden, said he hopes that won?t be the case.

"If you look at the statewide election, 40 percent of the state is still Democrat and 60 percent is Republican," Ford said. "I believe Speaker Hubbard will keep his word and not be vindictive, and I believe President Marsh won?t, and we'll go to 1 percent deviation."
-- Read the whole story --> Census information release will begin reapportionment | GadsdenTimes.com

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