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Alabama: AEA sues over payroll deduction of dues

Courthouse News Service reports: Alabama's lame-duck governor called a special session at which he rammed through an unconstitutional law, under the guise of "ethics reform," which prohibits teachers from allowing automatic payroll deductions for union dues, and makes union members criminally liable if such dues or PAC contributions are used for "phone calling for any political purpose," or "distributing political literature of any type," the Alabama Education Association claims in Huntsville Federal Court.
The AEA and its political action committee, A-Vote, sued Alabama's new governor, Robert Bentley, who also serves as president of the State Board of Education. Individual teachers joined as plaintiffs and named top state officials as co-defendants, including the state superintendent of education, the comptroller, the state finance director, two county district attorneys and three local school boards. Read the whole story --> Courthouse News Service

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