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Alabama: electronic, and more frequent, campaign-finance reports may be in the offing

The Birmingham News editorialized today in favor of more transparency in campaign finance:

  • Candidates would be required to file campaign-finance reports electronically starting in 2014.

  • While instantaneous disclosures of contributions would not be required, candidates would at least be forced to report more frequently on their fundraising and spending. Reports of financial activity would be required monthly during the year leading up to an election -- and weekly and daily as an election date approaches.

  • The secretary of state's office would have to keep those reports in a searchable database.

  • So-called 527 tax-exempt groups, which have played a behind-the-scenes role in recent political elections, would be forced to disclose their campaign fundraising and spending, too.
-- Read the whole editorial --> OUR VIEW: State lawmakers need to act on a bill to require electronic reporting of campaign finance reports | al.com

The bill appears below:

SB136 Electronic, Frequent Filing

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