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Montgomery: getting on the ballot for mayor proves difficult

The Montgomery Advertiser reports: Mayoral hopeful Janet May, who was unable to qualify for mayor this time, said she intends to start cam­paigning in 2013 -- two years before the next election -- for mayor. ...

In order to qualify as a mayoral candidate, an individual must submit a $300 filing fee and a petition with sig­natures of at least 327 registered vot­ers in the city of Montgomery. Unlike a candidate for City Council, who can either submit a petition or a filing fee, candidates for mayor must do both.

The tricky part is that the voter in­formation listed on the petition must match the voter information on file with the Board of Registrars and Elec­tion Center. For May, that meant that although she submitted a petition with 404 signatures, only 266 checked out during the verification process. ...

Justin Aday, election di­rector, said that many of the signatures are tossed be­cause either the person is not registered to vote at all, they are registered but not in the city of Montgomery, or the information provided simply does not match the informa­tion on file. The latter could happen, for example, when a person moves but does not officially update their resi­dency information with the Board of Registrars.
-- Read the whole story --> Janet May plans mayoral campaign -- for 2015 | The Montgomery Advertiser | montgomeryadvertiser.com

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