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Alabama Democrats join in FEC complaint against Romney and his PACs

The Birmingham News reports: Alabama Democrats today will join their counterparts in New Hampshire to file a complaint against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, alleging he used state political action committees to circumvent stricter federal campaign finance laws. ...

Romney's national Free and Strong America PAC -- in place before Romney was officially a candidate for president -- was limited to accepting donations from individuals of no more than $5,000. But Alabama's campaign finance laws do not limit individual contributions to PACs. The Birmingham News reported July 4 that the Alabama-based version of Romney's Free and Strong America PAC last year raised about $457,000, none of it from anyone in Alabama and much of it in large checks of more than $5,000 each. -- Read the whole story --> Alabama Democratic Party joins complaint about Mitt Romney's state PAC fundraising | al.com

The DNC sent out a press release this morning which made this statement:

The amended complaint, which has also been sent to state authorities and seeks a full inquiry into the violations of both Federal and state laws, raises two major areas of concern:

Romney's campaign may have violated federal and state laws in Alabama, New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Michigan by raising "soft money" contributions into State PACs and using the money to support his presidential candidacy.

If the State PACs raised or spent soft money after Mr. Romney became a declared candidate, Mr. Romney committed an additional violation of federal law. Federal law prohibits entities "established" by federal candidates from raising or spending any "soft money." Romney clearly established these PACs and, thus, they are subject to this law. To sever ties with the PACs and escape liability for their raising and spending of "soft money," the candidate must have no material contact or involvement with the PAC for fully two years. Of course, Romney can not satisfy this two year standard. Nor has he even suggested that he could.

You can read the amended complaint filed here.

If you would like to view the campaign reports of the Romney PAC, go the Alabama Secretary of State, type "free and strong" into the Name box, and click on the Search button.

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