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Alabama Dems have found more last-minute PAC-to-PAC transfers

The Prattville Progress reports: The former chair of a Republican-leaning PAC said Thursday that a PAC controlled by House Speaker Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, made a transfer to his PAC days after the Legislature passed a ban on the practice and hours before Gov. Bob Riley signed the ban into law.

The news came after the chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party accused Republican legislative leaders of breaking the law against PAC-to-PAC transfers, which a spokesman for Hubbard vigorously rejected.

"Not only did the PAC the Speaker was affiliated with abide by the law, but it disclosed every penny," said Todd Stacy, a spokesman for Hubbard. "It was all out there, disclosed for the people to see."

NETPAC sent $5,000 to 136 Years PAC on December 20, 2010, according to John Ross, a former Alabama Republican Party executive director who chaired the commitee. Ross said the transfer -- made days after the Hubbard-led House approved the PAC-to-PAC ban -- paid bills as the PAC was being terminated.

"We accepted that transaction the morning of the 20th," Ross said in an interview. "It was perfectly legal." -- Read the whole story --> Alabama Democrats say GOP leadership violated PAC-to-PAC ban | The Prattville Progress | montgomeryadvertiser.com

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