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"Five Republican Party officials got $38,000 bonuses after $100,000 PAC donation from Cooper"

The Huntsville Times reports: Two days after Monica Cooper personally donated $100,000 to a Republican political action committee, five party officials received bonuses from the PAC of $38,000 each.

A second Republican PAC reimbursed Cooper, prompting state Democratic Party Chair Mark Kennedy to complain last week that the transaction and several other smaller ones violated the state's new law banning PAC-to-PAC transfers.

Before Cooper's contribution, there wasn't enough money in the 136 Years PAC to make those payments, according to campaign finance reports filed by the PAC.

The 136 Years PAC received the contribution from Cooper, then a GOP Senate employee, on Dec. 20, 2010, according to records in the Alabama Secretary of State's Office.

Two days later, the $38,000 checks were issued to John Ross, the party's executive director and the chair of the 136 Years PAC; Philip Bryan, party communications director; Kate Anderson and Sidney Rue, finance co-directors for the party; and Michael Joffrion, the party's political director. -- Read the whole story --> Five Republican Party officials got $38,000 bonuses after $100,000 PAC donation from Cooper | al.com

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