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Ala Dems accuse GOP of using PACs in sheep's clothing

The Birmingham News reports: he chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party today accused high-ranking Republicans of breaking campaign finance law including the GOP-pushed ban on transfers between political action committees. ...

Kennedy accused Republicans of breaking the PAC transfer ban and also of trying to skirt campaign finance law with two organizations -- House Republican Caucus LLC and the nonprofit Alabama House Republican Caucus Foundation.

However, the leader of the House Republican Caucus said the contributions were legal and accused Kennedy of "whining."

The House Republican Caucus LLC made six contributions since 2009 totaling over $20,000 to the Alabama Republican Party and one contribution to a candidate, according to campaign finance reports. The group formed as a corporation and does not report the sources of its money. Political action committees are required to report where they get their money.

Kennedy accused Republicans of using shell groups as a "scam" to get around campaign finance law. He said if the group is acting like a PAC, it should report like a PAC.

"They are a PAC in sheep's clothing," Kennedy said. -- Read the whole story --> Alabama Democrats accuse GOP of skirting campaign finance laws | al.com

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