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Another party-switcher is rejected by the GOP

The Talladega Daily Home reports: Munford residents met with Danny Hubbard, chairman of the Talladega County Republican Committee, Thursday night at the Munford Senior Center to voice their concerns over the list of Republican nominees for the upcoming election.

Many of their concerns pointed to the fact that Jackie Swinford?s name was not on that list.

Swinford, who is Talladega County commissioner for District 1, which includes the Munford area, was not recognized by the Talladega County Republican Committee while trying to switch his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Of the 25 members of the Talladega County Republican Executive Committee, 14 members voted 8-6 against Swinford?s request to become a Republican at a recent party meeting. At Swinford's request, a special meeting of the committee is scheduled for Jan. 5 to vote on whether his name will be placed on the Republican ballot in spite of the previous denial. ...

The committee is to meet Jan. 5 at an undisclosed location for the vote. If there is someone who detests, the executive committee will reconvene and hear Swinford and his opposer and the committee will then have a closed session and have a final vote. -- Read the whole story --> The Daily Home - Swinford s request to join Republican Party is denied

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