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Birthers lose one and file another

The Birmingham News reports: About the same time Jefferson County Circuit Judge Helen Shores Lee was dismissing a Birmingham man's lawsuit challenging President Obama's right to be on Alabama ballots, Lee was assigned a new suit seeking an injunction against state party officials.

The new suit, filed today in Jefferson County Circuit Court by Harold Sorensen of Luverne, also contends Obama is ineligible to serve as president and should be barred from Alabama ballots.

"In 2008, the (Democratic National Committee) certified an ineligible candidate, Barack Obama, and thus defrauded the American people," Sorenson wrote in his lawsuit. "This was a violation of the basic voter's rights and Obama's subsequent usurpation constitutes the greatest crime ever perpetrated against the American people."

Civil cases are randomly assigned, and Sorenson's suit wound up with the same judge who this morning dismissed a suit by Albert E. Hendershot.

In a hearing this morning, a lawyer for the state Democratic Party chairman argued that Hendershot had not shown a specific violation of his rights that a court could protect. State law and court precedent also say the judiciary has no business telling the political parties who they can list as candidates, the lawyer, Barry Ragsdale argued in this morning's hearing on the Hendershot case. -- Read the whole story -->

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