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"Party bosses who control the ballot"

Dr. Jess Brown writes in the Huntsville Times: Given the GOP's recently emerged dominance of Alabama's political landscape, prudence suggests that Republican leaders study the lessons gleaned from history. Alabamians and Americans generally do not expect intense partisan loyalty or philosophical consistency from their government officials.

They do not want party leaders to select nominees for based on such expectations or to exercise final de facto control over who can appear on the ballots of taxpayer-funded primary elections.

Based on customs developed during the last century, voters now expect rank-and-file voters on primary election day to make the choice about who will express the party's voice in a general election campaign. Voters will ultimately reject paternalistic or condescending views of contemporary party bosses who argue that they know best about who should represent the party during the general election campaign.

Party bosses who focus excessively on keeping the party's nominees loyal and pure start to disrespect the collective judgment of the electorate, make the party smaller, produce nominees less electable, and over time reduce the party's influence inside the hallways of government. America is a place of more pragmatists than partisans on general election day. -- Read the whole op-ed --> Party bosses who control the ballot (Op-ed by Dr. Jess Brown) | al.com

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