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First sighting of a SuperPAC in Alabama

The Birmingham News reports:
A Texas-based political action committee with $1.6 million cash on hand will be spending some of that money to help defeat U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, a 10-term veteran who PAC organizers have targeted because of his longevity and ethics investigation.

"Incumbents like Mr. Bachus ... are longtime passengers on the inside-the-beltway gravy train," said Curtis Ellis, a spokesman for the Campaign for Primary Accountability.

The entrance of a Super PAC -- which can spend unlimited amounts of money in a race as long as it doesn't coordinate with one of the candidates -- into the 6th Congressional District could be significant. None of Bachus' challengers have reported raising enough money yet to afford running campaign commercials on television.

The PAC is supporting state Sen. Scott Beason of Gardendale, the most well-known of Bachus' challengers, and Ellis said it expects to start spending money on his behalf soon. -- Read the whole story --> Texas-based Super PAC Campaign for Primary Accountability targets US Rep. Spencer Bachus, backs challenger Scott Beason | al.com

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