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Jury can't decide where the mayor of Weaver lives

The Anniston Star reports: After several lawsuits and one trial aimed at determining whether the mayor of Weaver lives in that city, the question remains unanswered.

On Friday, Circuit Judge Malcolm Street declared a mistrial after a week-long court case. The jury, which deliberated for about nine hours over a two-day period, was unable to unanimously decide whether Mayor Garry Bearden lives in a house he owns in Weaver or in a second home he owns in Anniston. ...

Jurors told reporters that the 12-member group was split 10-2. Ten jurors believed Bearden had not violated a law that states elected municipal leaders must live in the cities they are selected to serve. According to some of those jurors, two members believed the mayor had violated the law.

The judge told the jury before deliberations began on Thursday that each member should focus on the question of legal residence, or domicile. That is the place a person "intends to return after any temporary absence," Street said. -- Read the whole story --> Anniston Star - Jury splits 10 2 most siding with Bearden on question of Weaver mayor s residency

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