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Bill seeks employer's name for campaign donors

WHNT reports: State lawmakers in Montgomery are studying a bill that would require many campaign donors to list their employer and line of work.

State Rep. Mike Ball (R) of Madison is sponsoring HB 259, which mandates that donors who contribute $100 or more to any state election publicly disclose who they work for.

Rep. Ball told WHNT News 19 that his bill is part of an ongoing effort to bring transparency to state elections. Ball claims it will allow voters to make more informed decisions because they would be able to see the political leanings certain companies or special interest groups have. Those giving less than $100 to a candidate or cause would be exempt from the requirement. Individuals who contribute more than $100 are already required to disclose their name and home address. -- Read the whole story (and see the video) -->Proposed Bill Seeks To ID Employers, Workplaces Of Campaign Donors - WHNT

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