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Did ACEPAC miss a filing deadline?

Lagniappe reports: A political action committee run by Mobile City Attorney Larry Wettermark that is funded primarily by money shifted over from Mayor Sam Jones' primary campaign fund in 2010 appears to have missed the state deadline on PAC reporting this past year, according to the legal parameters described by the Alabama Secretary of State's office. ...

Alabama Citizens for the Environment, known as ACEPAC, filed its first financial report in a year at the end of January, which would have been acceptable under the old state law. But the new law that went into effect in 2011 requires monthly reporting for PACs actively spending and receiving money for use in influencing the 2012 elections, according to officials with the Alabama Secretary of State's Office.

Wettermark, for his part, says he believes there are different takes on the law and that ACEPAC is reporting properly.

"My interpretation is that we are to file an annual report. We haven?t had any activity that required reporting until the annual report," he said. ...

"They are required to file an active report if they crossed the $1,000 threshold. If they are having activity," [elections director Janice] McDonald said, speaking generally about PACs. -- Read the whole story -->Lagniappe: Something Extra For Mobile

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