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Jefferson County contractor wants to bust the aggregate contribution limits in federal elections

iWatch News reports: As unlimited contributions flow into super PACs this year, one man is at the center of a new effort to allow people to donate more money, to more candidates, at the national stage.

"I don't believe government is there to limit us," Shaun McCutcheon told iWatch News.

McCutcheon is a 44-year-old general contractor in Alabama. He's the owner, founder and president of Coalmont Electrical Development. He's a member of the Republican Party who admits he may have a bit of a libertarian streak. And he's also the treasurer of a super PAC called the "Conservative Action Fund."

That's a group that spent more than $43,000 opposing House Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) in Tuesday's GOP primary in Alabama, although it has mostly targeted Democrats with its attacks. -- Read the whole story --> GOP super PAC men seek to overturn donation limits | iWatch News by The Center for Public Integrity

McCutcheon's request for an advisory opinion is available here

* If I had called him "local man," you would have thought it was an Onion story.

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