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Oh, poor me ... the "insiders" are moaning about Roy Moore and Harry Lyon

The Birmingham News reports: The general election matchup for Alabama chief justice between Democrat Harry Lyon and Republican Roy Moore apparently have some so unhappy that they are mulling over possible options that might give voters another choice.

That possible other choice might come from someone who runs as an independent, said a number of political insiders who in recent days have been part of conversations about seeking an alternative to Moore and Lyon.

The concerns about both Moore and Lyon are not new but now that both men have won nomination for chief justice, the concerns have taken on a new urgency, said those with knowledge of the discussions. -- Read the whole story --> Alabama political insiders consider an 'anybody but Roy Moore or Harry Lyon' candidate | al.com

My comments: All this wailing has as much effect as a hound dog's baying does on the moon. All the talk of an independent candidate is just hot air. It is too late to qualify an independent candidate. Independent candidates' petitions were due to the Secretary of State by 5 p.m. on the day of the first primary, which was 13 March. Ala. Code 17-9-3.

If the "insiders" want to do something, they are going to have to get Lyon or Moore out of the race. Ala. Code 17-13-23 says, "The state executive committee [of a political party] ... where a vacancy may occur in any nomination, either by death, resignation, revocation, or otherwise, ... may fill such vacancy, either by action of the committee itself or by such other method as such committee may see fit to pursue."

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