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Speaker Hubbard cool to the idea of party registration

The Huntsville Times (al.com) reports: Republican Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard declined in Huntsville Thursday to support the closed party voting other state GOP leaders now want. "I don't want to alienate anyone," Hubbard said during a book signing stop. "There are a lot of people who don't really consider themselves Republican or Democrat. They're more independent, and I don't want them to feel excluded."

The state Republican Executive Committee approved a resolution Saturday endorsing legislation to require party registration and end the state's open primary system. "We just feel like Republicans ought to nominate Republicans and Democrats ought to nominate Democrats, and you need to identify where you stand," Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead said.

Hubbard, a former state Republican party chairman, said he understood the sentiment. His book is about the GOP's long and finally successful fight to take control of state government from Democrats. But Hubbard said party registration wouldn't work, even if it didn't offend independents. -- Read the whole story --> House Speaker Hubbard cool to closed party voting and expanded healthcare | al.com

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