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GOP rejects challenge to its candidate

The Huntsville Times (al.com) reports: An Alabama Republican Party committee tonight rejected a complaint challenging Huntsville attorney Linda Coats' nomination for a district court judgeship. ...

The Alabama GOP issued a statement following the meeting.

"The challenge spelled out three accusations against Ms. Coats," the news release said. "First, that she failed to file a document with the Supreme Court. That accusation is factually wrong. Ms. Coats filed the proper paperwork in a timely manner as acknowledged by the office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court.

"Second, the complaint cites the 'Sore Loser' Standing Rule of the Alabama Republican Party, adopted 1994. The 'Sore Loser' provision is to keep the loser of a Republican Primary from running in the ensuing General Election as an Independent or a third party candidate. Therefore the Candidate Committee has determined Ms. Coats has not violated the 'Sore Loser' provision.

"Third, the complaint alleges that Ms. Coats did not fully disclose information during the question and answer session of her interview. After review, the Committee is satisfied with Ms. Coat's presentation and does not need further clarification." -- Read the whole story --> Alabama GOP committee rejects complaint over Linda Coats' district judge nomination (updated) | al.com

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