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Judge Thompson explains why he instructed the jury in the U.S. v. McGregor case

The Mobile Pres-Register (al.com) reports: The federal judge who presided over the State House vote-buying case said the U.S. Supreme Court needs to address the line between a campaign contribution and an illegal bribe.

U.S. District Myron Thompson issued an opinion this week noting that there had been "considerable confusion" over exactly what the law requires. Thompson also included his jury instructions during the trial, which showed how he interpreted the issue.

"The court hopes that its jury instructions and this opinion have helped clarify the case law. Ultimately, the Supreme Court needs to address this issue and provide guidance to lower courts, prosecutors, politicians, donors, and the general public," Thompson wrote

The difference between donations and bribes has been at the center of two of the state's high-profile public corruption cases. -- Read the whole story --> Federal judge says Supreme Court should clarify bribe/donation line | al.com

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