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Mobile probate judge still trying to run a voter purge

The Mobile Press-Register (al.com) reports: Mobile County Probate Judge Don Davis today announced he plans to continue his legal fight over whether he acted within his authority to bar voters from casting ballots in precincts where they no longer lived.

Using address information from the U.S. Postal Service, Davis earlier this year discovered that some 20,000 voters have moved since registering to vote and have not updated their registration information. On the primary election in March, Davis instructed Mobile County election officials to send voters who had moved to another precinct to cast a provisional ballot at the new polling location.

Provisional ballots are not included in the initial totals on Election Day but end up counting if the Board of Registrars determines that the voter is eligible.

Davis' interpretation of the law put him at odds with the state Attorney General's Office, the Alabama Secretary of State's Office and several local voting rights activists, including one who has filed a formal ethics complaint seeking to remove him from the bench.

"The judge is out of order," said the man who filed the complaint, Jeffery Jones. "He's not conducting himself as a judge." -- Read the whole story --> Mobile County probate judge continues legal fight over voter registration, faces ethics complaint | al.com

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