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"Ariz. think tank drafts wording for 2 Ala. amendments"

The Montgomery Advertiser reports: An Arizona institute said it drafted the model language for two state constitutional amendments on Alabama's November ballot.

The Goldwater Institute, a conservative think tank devoted to advancing the ideas of former Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, wrote the language for Amendment 6, aimed at blocking the Affordable Care Act, and Amendment 7, which would attempt to stave off any federal attempts to make it easier for workers to unionize in the state. ...

Amendment 6 would forbid any Alabamians from being compelled to “participate in a health care system.” Under the Affordable Care Act, those without health insurance would be required to buy insurance, starting in 2014. The law would provide a sliding scale of subsidies to help purchase insurance, up to $88,000 a year for a family of four. ...

Amendment 7 would require any ballots for unionizing to take place via secret ballot. The measure was intended to stave off federal legislation that would have allowed unionization to take place via “card check.” The federal legislation is dead for now. -- Read the whole story --> Ariz. think tank drafts wording for 2 Ala. amendments | The Montgomery Advertiser | montgomeryadvertiser.com

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