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Jefferson County Commission to hold hearing on redistricting plans

AL.com reports: Jefferson County Commissioners will view two redistricting maps, and possibly a third, during a public hearing today at the County Courthouse.

The two completed maps have drawn considerable interest because of changes that moved some precincts in Districts 1 and 2 and the possible impact those moves could have on the Jefferson County Commission election in 21 months.

Commissioner George Bowman has said he will present a third map, but that was not available late Wednesday afternoon.

Proposed plan 1 places the City of Midfield in District 1 and moves Legion Field and the Jefferson County Courthouse precinct to District 2. Proposed plan 2 places Midfield back in District 2 and Legion Field and Jefferson County courthouse in District 1. -- Read the whole story --> Jefferson County to hold public hearing today on voting maps | al.com

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