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"ALEC influences Alabama legislators"

Alabama Political Reporter reports: From voter identification laws to immigration bills, many states seem to be acting as if from the same agenda in recent years. It's no secret that lobbying groups impact public policy on all levels, but many states are being influenced by a stronger, more powerful group.

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, "is the only state legislative organization that adopts policies and creates model legislation for its members to use in their states," the ALEC website says. "To date, ALEC has nearly 1,000 pieces of model legislation."

Alabama has seen several pieces of "model legislation" in various forms in the past legislative sessions.

For example, ALEC offers model legislation on "The Parental Choice Scholarship Tax Credit Accountability Act," which describes a program similar to the one laid out in HB84, the Alabama Accountability Act.
http://www.alec.org/model-legislation/the-parental-choice-scholarship-tax-credit-accountability-act/ -- Read the whole article --> ALEC influences Alabama legislators

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