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"No campaign finance reporting changes this year, lawmakers look to 2015"

The Decatur Daily reports: The 2014 legislative session ended this month with no changes to state campaign finance reporting rules or better enforcement of existing rules.

Several north Alabama lawmakers worked on a campaign finance reform committee and suggested changes, including giving the secretary of state more authority to fine candidates who violate the Fair Campaign Practices Act. Now those lawmakers say they will regroup and work on legislation for 2015.

“The main thing is, after we go through the primary cycle (in June), we’ll have a better feel for what we need to change, what we need to tighten up,” said Rep. Mike Ball, R-Madison, a committee member. He said making changes this year wasn’t likely anyway — rewriting the rules in the middle of an election year would be problematic.

In the past three years, the Legislature banned PAC-to-PAC transfers and created penalties for candidates or groups that don’t file their campaign reports on time. Lawmakers also have made reports easier to view and search online. -- No campaign finance reporting changes this year, lawmakers look to 2015 - Decatur Daily: Local News

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