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Alabama Sec of State wants to join Interstate Crosscheck

Alabama Political Reporter reports: Based on recent evidence of double voting discovered in North Carolina, Alabama Secretary of State Jim Bennett (R) urged on Tuesday that Alabama legislators pass a bill allowing his office to exchange voter lists with other states to check for duplications.

Legislation that would have done that was sponsored by State Representative John Merrill (R) from Tuscaloosa in the last session. It passed the Alabama House of Representatives but died in the Alabama Senate. Secretary Bennett said that he remains committed to the plan under which a compact of 28 states exchange lists to look for duplicate voters. Alabama law currently only allows the secretary of state to sell the voter list to other states for a penny a name, which with about 3 million voters, amounts to approximately $30,000.

Sec. Bennett said, "The idea in the exchange is not to make money, but to check for voter fraud," Bennett said. "It is time Alabama joined the compact of states where cross-checks are made possible."

Sec. Bennett said that many Alabamians have vacation homes in Florida, so cross-checking there and in Georgia would be highly practical. Florida joined the compact in 2013. Every state surrounding Alabama is already a compact member. -- Bennett Urges Alabama to Join Compact of States Checking for Voter Duplication

[But see the post just before this one.]

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