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Many state and local government workers are now allowed to run for public office

AL.com reports: If you're a state or local public employee with an eye on public office, you may be in luck.

The Office of Personnel Management issued a final rule Monday that implements the 2012 Hatch Act Modernization Act. The change, which goes into effect June 4, clears the way for most state and local employees to seek partisan elected office.

The change covers those who work in programs financed in part or in whole by federal funds. Workers whose salaries are paid entirely through federal grants or loans will remain barred from running for elected office.

Previously, all non-federal government employees working on projects that receive any federal funds were barred from seeking an elected office, even if that money made up only a small percentage of their pay. -- Rule change allows most state and local government workers to run for partisan office | AL.com

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