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New Alabama rule on voters who move within the same county

The Alabama Secretary of State filed an emergency rule to conform to a decision of the Alabama Supreme Court 3 weeks earlier.

The new rule provides: If a voter has moved within the county and is now in a different precinct but has not changed her address with the Board of Registrars, she must go to her new polling place and vote using a provisional ballot.

The voter can avoid this problem by notifying the county Board of Registrars of her new address. The easiest way is to use the mail-in voter registration form at www.sos.state.al.us/downloads/election/vr/nvra-2.pdf. The voter can hand-deliver this to the Board of Registars by 5 pm on Friday, 23 May or mail it by that day (making sure it is postmarked on or before 23 May).

Emergency Rule on Voters Who Move Within County

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