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Wayne Flynt on photo voter ID

AL.com has a video interview with Wayne Flynt: On the photo ID law that goes into effect with the 2014 election cycle, which Flynt said is the "replacement for the poll tax":

"We now have a legal system, to the degree we can, of marginalizing black voters and Hispanic voters - by challenging citizenship, by challenging residence, by challenging who they are. To white voters, the argument is, why should anybody be offended by having to have a photo ID. Everyone has a photo ID. Everyone who is in their class has a photo ID. My dad, a sharecropper's son, he didn't have a birth certificate. To get a driver's license, he had to go back and get someone to certify he was in fact who he said he was. If you're white, that's one thing. If you're black, and you think the whole system is targeted against you and any visibility within that system requires you get a photo ID is not unlike the Tuskegee syphilis experiment or a hundred other ways in which they feel the government that is white is trying to do something to them. -- 6 opinions from Wayne Flynt on Alabama politics, the Democratic Party, Mike Hubbard, Parker Griffith and Robert Bentley | AL.com

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