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Attorney General returns a questionable contribution

AL.com reports: At one end of the money pipe is a national 527 organization with the Alabama attorney general on its executive committee and his former campaign manager as its executive director.

At the other end is the attorney general's reelection campaign.

But it's in the middle of the pipe where things get murky.

Last month Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange's reelection campaign accepted a $50,000 donation from a newly registered Alabama political action committee. That PAC, in turn, received the same amount of money from a 527.

After the Alabama Media Group inquired about the transfer last week, the Strange campaign returned the donation to the PAC, while maintaining that it did not believe the contribution violated Alabama's campaign finance law that bans transfers between PACs and 527s. -- Return to sender: Strange campaign gives back $50,000 after questions about PAC transfer | AL.com

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