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Sen. Sanford gets top billing when his opponent (unnamed until the second paragraph) accuses him of campaign-finance violations

AL.com reports: State Sen. Paul Sanford's Republican primary opponent is accusing Sanford of multiple campaign finance law violations and taking money from a PAC with Democratic Party ties.

David Blair held a Friday morning news conference in downtown Huntsville to outline his claims that Sanford wrongly used campaign donations to buy business suits and pay for lodging while in Montgomery. Blair also produced campaign finance records that he says prove Sanford raised money outside the allowable time frame and profited nearly $300 from a campaign loan.

The alleged Fair Campaign Practices Act violations occurred during the 2010 election cycle. ...

In a Friday morning interview, Sanford acknowledged using about $2,400 in campaign funds to pay for lodging in Montgomery during the 2011 and 2012 legislative sessions. He said he generally stays in a FEMA trailer at an RV park. Records also show that Sanford used $735.10 from his campaign to buy suits, dress shirts and ties at JOS Bank on Jan. 3, 2012. --
GOP rival accuses Alabama Sen. Paul Sanford of campaign finance law violations | AL.com

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