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Social media skullduggery

AL.com reports: Someone claiming to be incumbent County Commission Chairman Stanley Menefee contacted a reporter Saturday via LinkedIn asking to "set the record straight" on a campaign issue, but the message did not come from Menefee. ..

On Saturday, an AL.com reporter received a message from the imposter that included a link to a WAFF story about an ADEM citation about a hazardous dump site. The message said: "I found this and thought you might be interested. I want to set the record straight. My cell phone number is 256-XXX-XXX. -- Stanley"

However, when the reporter called Menefee at the cell phone number provided, Menefee said he had not left a message and was advised by an attorney not to discuss the issue. ...

Heather Wilson, who worked on Menefee's campaign, said she thinks the imposter is the same person who set up a fake Facebook account in Menefee's name a year ago. The person apparently wanted reporters to call Menefee and get the dump issue in the media, she said. -- Was fake social media account used to influence Limestone County Commission chairman race? | AL.com

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