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Shelia Smoot-Sandra Little Brown election contest being heard today

AL.com reports: The state Democratic Executive Committee has set a hearing today at 2 P.M. to determine whether to dismiss an appeal in the Sheila Smoot-Sandra Little Brown Jefferson County Commission District 2 race.

The planned hearing at the AEA Headquarters in Montgomery has set off a flurry of legal filings and pitted local Democratic Party members against their counterparts at the state level.

Some Brown supporters are also worried that efforts are being made to take the election from Brown, who won the Commission District 2 primary runoff last month by 26 votes.

After the election was contested, the local Democratic Party declined to hear the challenge and the matter was appealed to the state party. -- How the Shelia Smoot-Sandra Little Brown election contest could tear apart the state Democratic Party | AL.com

Disclosure: I served as Ms. Smoot's attorney for a short time.

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