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Tuscaloosa News editorializes against universal, automatic registration

An editorial from the Tuscaloosa News: Voter fraud is not imaginary. But labeling reasonable efforts to ensure that fraud doesn't taint elections as voter suppression is pure fantasy. Loading the voter rolls with the names of people who don't care enough about their civic duty to provide county officials with a name and correct address is an open invitation to fraud.

The incessant drumbeat, mostly from Democrats, that voter fraud doesn't exist is simply untrue. They know it and we, here in this part of Alabama, certainly know it. We've seen fraudulent absentee ballots turned in by the bundle. ...

What automatic registration would do is create exceptionally fertile ground for voter fraud. People donít neglect to vote because itís difficult to register or get to the polls. Itís not. They fail to register and vote because they donít care about the process of governing this country to make the effort. Or perhaps they just donít believe their vote makes a difference. ...

People who wonít make the minimal effort to register arenít likely to vote. Why let someone vote for them? -- EDITORIAL: Registering all is invitation to voter fraud | TuscaloosaNews.com

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