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"A sure scandal in Gov. Robert Bentley's Administration"

John Archibald writes on AL.com: Rebekah Caldwell Mason, a chief adviser to the governor of the state of Alabama, is paid by unknown entities with money funneled through an opaque non-profit. And that shadowy operation ? it doesn't have to reveal its donors -- is set up by people connected to the state's most powerful and politically aggressive institutions. ...

Mason is paid through the lovely sounding Alabama Council for Excellent Government, formed of folks tied to both the University of Alabama Board of Trustees and Alabama Power. And she is not the only one on the lease-an-advisor program. Bentley's chief of staff, Seth Hammett, continues to be paid by Power South Energy Cooperative in Andalusia.

And yes, that has somehow been approved by that enabling outfit that calls itself the Alabama Ethics Commission a group that ought to be renamed the Politicians' Apologist League, or PAL.

So in the end we have the two top advisers to the governor of the state of Alabama bought and paid for with the blessing of the state's adjudicators of what is good and proper by the most powerful people and aggressive lobbyists in the state. -- A sure scandal in Gov. Robert Bentley's Administration | AL.com

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