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Speaker Hubbard claims the Ethics Law has quit preaching and gone to meddling

John Archibald writes on AL.com: Hubbard, who has publicly praised ethics reforms Republicans used to usher themselves to power -- including those that prevented public officials from lobbying -- asked Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob A. Walker III to dismiss charges against him on a claim that the much ballyhooed ethics law is unconstitutional, and that he, even as a public official, has a constitutional right to lobby for money.

Even from his powerful position in the Legislature. Even as an elected representative of the people of Alabama.

Hubbard lawyer J. Mark White argues under the heading: "Hubbard's right to lobby on behalf of his or his business' clients is a fundamental right constitutionally protected by the First Amendment," that the law Hubbard is charged with breaking presents a host of constitutional issues.

"Lobbying -- the right of the people to inform their representatives in government of their desires with respect to the passage or enforcement of laws -- is 'core' political speech, prototypical of the kind of speech protected by the First Amendment," White argued. -- Documents revealed: No wonder Mike Hubbard wanted them sealed | AL.com

Hubbard's Motion to Dismiss (Ethics Act is Unconstitutional) by John Archibald

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