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Letters showing the barriers to blacks trying to register to voter

AL.com reports: Black women who went to the Jefferson County courthouse to register to vote in 1960 were routinely interrogated about whether their children were born out of wedlock.

Black men who had been arrested on misdemeanor charges as part of the Birmingham civil rights movement were turned away for "doing harm to the city."

Bad handwriting and misplaced check marks barred many from registering to vote 55-years-ago.

The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, then the secretary of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights, outlined those concerns in an August 1960 letter to the U.S. Attorney General. -- 1960 Fred Shuttlesworth letter shows fight blacks faced to vote in Alabama | AL.com

NOTE: this article contains a 184-page DOJ file with complaints and investigations regarding blacks trying to register to vote.

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