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"Artur Davis files lawsuit against Alabama Democrats"

AL.com reports: Former U.S. Rep. Artur Davis has filed a lawsuit against the Alabama Democratic Party for its refusal to allow him to rejoin the party and run for a seat on the Montgomery County Commission.

In the suit filed on Wednesday, Davis asks the Montgomery County Circuit Court to grant an injunction and require Alabama Democrats to reverse their decision. The case was assigned to Judge Truman Hobbs.

Invoking the Radney Rule, the executive board of the party denied Davis' request to run for office as a Democrat at a hearing on Oct. 16. The rule prevents prospective candidates from switching parities if that person has supported an opposing party in the past four years.

After losing a bid for governor, Davis left the Democratic Party in May 2012 and campaigned for Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney. -- Artur Davis files lawsuit against Alabama Democrats | AL.com

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