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June 26, 2009

Alabama: "Recusals delay ex-secretary of state's case"

AP reports that the recusal of three members of (of five) on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals has delayed the appeal of the State in former Secretary of State Nancy Worley's criminal case. Read the full story --> Recusals delay ex-secretary of state's case

June 25, 2009

Alabama: more inmates are registering to vote

The Dothan Eagle reports: Some inmates in the city and county jails will have the chance to vote in upcoming municipal elections, thanks to the Rev. Kenneth Glasgow.

Glasgow and The Ordinary People Society will be registering inmates in the city and county jails and also in the local community corrections program.

Alabama law permits inmates convicted of misdemeanors and felonies not involving moral turpitude to vote. ...

In 2006, 90 inmates in city and county jails statewide voted. In 2007, 300 voted. And in 2008, 2,500 inmates voted, including felons in state prison. The felons were able to vote after Glasgow won a lawsuit regarding the rights of felons not convicted of moral turpitude to vote. -- Read the whole story --> Inmates to vote in city elections | Dothan Eagle

June 22, 2009

Alabama: Birmingham gets preclearance for earlier election

The Birmingham News reports that the City of Birmingham finally received preclearance for its earlier election date. For earlier stories on this, see here, here, and here.

June 16, 2009

Alabama: Birmingham's election date still up in the air

The Birmingham News reports: Just a week remains before Birmingham city officials must either set early August city elections or revert to the original fall date. Candidates, city officials and city attorneys still don't know when the election will take place.

Federal approval is needed to change the election to Aug. 25, which the council voted to do to meet a new federal rule that requires six weeks between the election and any runoffs. But to have the election that day, the city would have to receive the OK from the Department of Justice by June 26.

Department of Justice officials recently interviewed council members, the city attorney and officials in Mayor Larry Langford's office about the proposed change. Justice Department approval would have to be received 60 days before the proposed new election date. Otherwise, the City Council and school board elections will be Oct. 13. Read the whole story --> Birmingham city election date still unsettled, week remains until early date possibility dies -

June 15, 2009

Alabama: Poarch Creek Indians deny challenges to election results

The Atmore Advance reports that the Election Board of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians has denied the election challenges brought by 4 candidates. Read the whole story --> The Atmore Advance > Breaking News

June 11, 2009

Alabama: Challenge to results of Poarch Band of Creek Indians election

The Atmore Advance reports on an election contest filed against the results of the special election held by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians' election for the offices of vice-chairman and two member-at-large positions. -- Read the whole article at --> The Atmore Advance > Archives > Breaking News > UPDATE: PCI election results challenged