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January 31, 2011

Shelby County: VRA challenge argument in DC

The Birmingham News reports: Shelby County will be at the forefront of the national debate over whether minorities, especially in the South, still face discrimination at the ballot box when a judge this week hears the county's arguments that parts of the Voting Rights Act are obsolete.

The politically conservative and mostly white suburban county south of Birmingham is the latest to take a crack at the 46-year-old federal law as an outdated burden that Congress had no business extending for another 25 years.

Others have tried to prove that part of the historic civil rights law is no longer necessary because of advances in race relations, but a definitive answer on its constitutionality has not been forthcoming.

So now it's Shelby County's turn. Financially backed by a nonprofit legal defense fund, the county is asking a federal judge to declare two key sections of the law unconstitutional. If the county's argument is successful, it would strike down the federal government's main tool for policing local and state elections for discrimination, intentional or not.
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January 8, 2011

Marshall Co, Alabama: GOP does not want one party switcher

The Huntsvile Times reports: Marshall County Republicans have asked Circuit Judge Howard Hawk, who announced a switch to the GOP in December, to switch back to the Democratic Party.

In a special meeting Monday, the 27 members present of the 29-member Marshall County Republican Executive Committee voted unanimously to ask Hawk to "reconsider switching parties and remain as a member of the Marshall County Democratic Party."

Jean Brewer, chairwoman of the county Republican Party, said Hawk made the party switch without consent of the local party and that he turned down an offer to meet with them prior to the switch.

Hawk said he plans to remain a Republican. -- Read the whole story --> Marshall County Republicans want Judge Howard Hawk to switch back to the Democratic Party |