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February 14, 2013

SuperPAC will oppose Bachus in 2014 reports: A super PAC that pumped in dollars in a failed effort in 2012 to defeat long-time Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills, will try it again in 2014.

The Campaign for Primary Accountability announced today it will target Bachus, along with New York Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel, for defeat in their party primaries in 2014 should the two veteran lawmakers seek re-election.

In making the announcement, the organization said it was putting Bachus and Rangel on what it is calling "Hot Seat" status. -- Read the whole story --> Super PAC will target Rep. Spencer Bachus for defeat, again |

Jefferson County Commission to hold hearing on redistricting plans reports: Jefferson County Commissioners will view two redistricting maps, and possibly a third, during a public hearing today at the County Courthouse.

The two completed maps have drawn considerable interest because of changes that moved some precincts in Districts 1 and 2 and the possible impact those moves could have on the Jefferson County Commission election in 21 months.

Commissioner George Bowman has said he will present a third map, but that was not available late Wednesday afternoon.

Proposed plan 1 places the City of Midfield in District 1 and moves Legion Field and the Jefferson County Courthouse precinct to District 2. Proposed plan 2 places Midfield back in District 2 and Legion Field and Jefferson County courthouse in District 1. -- Read the whole story --> Jefferson County to hold public hearing today on voting maps |

February 11, 2013

Bill proposes eliminating most runoffs in special primaries

The TimesDaily reports: A north Alabama lawmaker is kicking an idea around Montgomery that could dramatically change the state's election process.

Rep. Mike Ball, R-Madison, said he's researching and gathering opinions about discontinuing most party primary runoffs. He said he wants to file a bill to do so by the end of March.

"We go to the polls an awful lot in Alabama," Ball said last week. ...

Ball said he's considering a 35 percent threshold; as long as one candidate receives 35 percent or more of the vote in a primary, he or she would move on to the general election. -- Read the whole story --> Lawmaker suggests changes to runoffs -

Alabama at the bottom in new Election Performance Indix

The Pew Charitable Trusts has released a report: The Elections Performance Index is a project that, for the first time ever, examines election administration performance across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. ...

A state’s performance is based on 17 measurable indicators such as polling location wait times, availability of voting information tools online, the number of rejected voter registrations, the percentage of voters with registration or absentee ballot problems, how many military and overseas ballots were rejected, voter turnout, and the accuracy of voting technology.

This new tool will make data easily accessible to election officials and policymakers to help them benchmark their performance over time, as well as assess which policies are working effectively.

The data featured in this report cover the 2008 and 2010 elections and will be updated when official 2012 data becomes available in late 2013. -- Click here to review Alabama's performance compared to other states -->States Vary in Overall Election Performance - The Pew Charitable Trusts

February 3, 2013

"Bill Armistead beats Matt Fridy and the biggest names in state GOP to win re-election as party leader" reports: Bill Armistead has been re-elected chairman of the Alabama Republican Party beating off a challenge by Matt Fridy that had been supported by the biggest names in the state party.

The final vote of the GOP Executive Committee was Armistead 221 votes to Fridy's 159 votes.

Republican Gov. Robert Bentley, Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives, Rep. Mike Hubbard, Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey and Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman, among others, had all supported Fridy in the race.

Armistead's victory represents the second time in two years that he has beat back some of the biggest powers in the GOP to win the leadership post of his party. -- Read the whole story --> Bill Armistead beats Matt Fridy and the biggest names in state GOP to win re-election as party leader |

For the article getting reactions to Armistead's win, see "Fences to mend among Republicans after vote over party chairmanship"